What is School?


School is a 10 x 10 feet area reserved for Projects

It seats 4 makers at a time along with their builds,
comes with access to all the facilities at the makerspace
including collaboration with other makers.

The point of school is to learn to build stuff that you want to.
If there is a build you want to start, but aren’t quite ready to start on by yourself, come to school.


Initial Funnel here : Link


A project idea I’ve been thinking about for a while is a jalebi printing robot. It’s a fairly simple build and won’t be expensive since we have a couple of decrepit 3d printers in the Delhi asylum that we can take apart. Only problem is the idea is fairly derivative of the pancakebot kickstarter.


It’s derivative of the Pancakebot sure, but the simple fact that you have to deal with Boiling oil to fry the jalebis is going to make a hug difference. Try putting together a rough idea of what it will take to do this to get started?

  1. Panic Alert button for Assistance
  2. A Smart Mirror : Link / Link
  3. WiFi Cluster network for Bus position and ETA reporting
  4. Interactive jewellery
  5. Quirky objects : Lamp, clock, phone charger, etc
  6. A Smart better Foosball Table
  7. Arduino based robots
  8. Infinity Mirror
  9. Drawdio
  10. Drone
  11. 3D Printer
  12. Phone covers with storage Link / Link
  13. Multi colour Ceiling/Wall/Floor lights that can change color according to your mood or with respect to music that is being played
  14. A pneumatic 3/4/6 axis arm that can be controlled by sensors and microcontroller like arduino or any other board that you are compatible working with
  15. Headphone Amplifier
  16. Wireless Security Camera
  17. FPV Racing Drones
  18. Cycling power meter
  19. Dark Room
  20. Jalebi Printer


Fairly simple build Imo.

Induction cooker to heat up the oil, thermocouple sensor to check the temp before we start printing the jalebis. (we could use a relay to control the induction cooker as well, but easier to just physically turn it on I think)

On top of the pot and induction cooker we fit a fluid extruder and it moves along 2 axis. It’s important that the fluid extruder nozzle be metallic cuz of bubbling oil and splashing. Control the steppers using a simple arduino+RAMPS setup and we’re golden.

No idea how to automatically have the fried jalebis moved into sugar syrup but for now the user can do that manually.


Sounds good. Let’s get started on a rough estimation for this?
What all we need to build, how much cost / time it will take, and we can start a build!