I am V.ASHISH from nalgonda,telangana i would like to explain you about an idea which will bring a drastic change in our daily automobile life ,it will be pleasure of mine to work with innovative ideas and future entrepreneurs.
This machine helps you to reduce the human effort ,the scanner scans the vehicles such as CARS,BIKES etc.,and gives you the diagnostic report so that it is not necessary to test your vehicle by giving for a test drive for the problem confirmation from which part of it is affected,scanner will send you the diagnostic report for further repair can be done and also the spare parts with the defects will also be detected and serviced manually/robotically and sends you the perfect final diagnostic report.


Hi @ashish

Correct me if I’m wrong. Is the product a hand-held scanner that detects possible vehicle part defects?
Also curious, is each standard component’s life already in your database, that it matches? Or does it work differently? Please elaborate!

Thanks for your response