Tshirt Screen Printing


Hey guys!

This post is just to create a common place for everyone to “discuss” anything related to the art of Screen Printing, Ideas related to it or any Questions regarding the Workshop to be conducted on the 27th & 28th February 2016.

We would be carrying out the Screen Printing using Wooden Stencils and Plastisol Ink :slightly_smiling:

Queries and Suggestions Welcome :smiley:


Hi, I might be working on something similar. Could we connect, I would like to pick your brains on this and we could collaborate if you like the idea.

twitter: @ankurlemarc


Would love to have a screen printing workshop again at the asylum…
if interested let me know :slight_smile: @RiddhiAgarwal


Are you planning this again



Hey guys! Extremely sorry for the late Reply
Had my thesis going on!

I’ll definitely try and plan a Screen Printing workshop in January or February :smiley:

Will speak to @vaibhav and hopefully do this! Thanks :smiley: