Trying to make a Sound induced Light for a public service project


Have this project on my mind , but don’t have the expertise to execute the same .
Was thinking in mumbai and general Residential complexes . There is a regular occurance of House Taps being left open (unintentionally of course) . Hence a lot of water wastage which could last days if the house is vacant with the owner only visiting ocassionally .
Was trying to understand how this could be evaded , but getting people to do as required is the toughest thing possible . Hence , came across this idea ,
What if at the drain pipes of the bldg , there is a Sound Sensor of some sort placed , which lights a bulb at the lobby of where a Person is always available .
The bulb or light source if ON for longer than normal , say 10 mins , we can say there is water wastage happening of some sort .
KNOWING that there is water being wasted is one of the tasks that takes the longest . By the time any damage control is looked at , we can’t imagine the amount of water that can be wasted .
Let me know if this seems like it could work .
I am even open to new suggestions .