The Asylum Aerospace


Scale up slowly.
Look at building the ChipSat, then the PocketQube and finally the CubeSat. Even if you don’t get to launch them, just building one would be an awesome achievement.


For Drones, talk to the folks at Quiddich at the Asylum. They know a lot about this.

There was a Drone building workshop at the Asylum some time back, and it was handled by a startup. They ought to be able to guide you for a slightly advanced Drone.


Will do @Anool . What I’m planning to do is start with drones and while doing background study on the ChipSAT. Drones should be relatively easy. Everyone should be comfortable with it and this will also help us get through the motions of working a team and gain the required confidence.


Yeah. Drona Aviation I think.
They did one at our college too. I gave Shyam their reference.

Will the Quidditch team be there tomorrow?


@Anool : We had our first meet today. Decided to go with ArduPilot open source autopilot system built around the Arduino AtMega and build the open source drone with complete documentation - Ardu Copter.

It may be an easy one but as you said we want to start from the base and move upwards.


Awesome! That’s a great and appropriate choice.


Thanks @Anool . I will keep updating you regarding the same. I will really need your guidance and mentorship as we go deeper into this and future projects.


A friend who does a lot of Rocketry posted details about one of his articles in print.

Besides, this website is a great resource too :

And here’s a link if you want to follow this chap - Samer Najia :


Thanks Anool. Will share with other team members.


Hello Junta! I would be interested in joining this group. What do I need to do?

Extreme enthu about anything that flies…from drones to cube/chip sats AND their launch systems.


This looks pretty useful.

“Aerospace engineer creates free 3-D aircraft design software
As interest in small autonomous aerial vehicles and their applications continues to expand, a Utah State University aerospace engineer is offering the public a free software tool that could revolutionize the drone industry.”


Hi Swaroop, Aditya here. We at the Asylum Aerospace are going to hold an orientation meet probably next Sunday. Do attend if possible. You can also contact me directly : / 7738023147. Welcome to the team, Swaroop.


Thanks Anool. You are to the Asylum Aerospace what Gandalf is to Minas Tirith. :slight_smile:


How can I join this group


Hey I am interested to join but I don’t live in mumbai I am from nagpur I have experience with aeromodeling and amature rocketry so will I be able to be a part


Hi Sivaram, Aditya here. We at the Asylum Aerospace are currently working on structuring the entire thing and will hold an orientation session once we are ready.We’ll post the date and timings here. Do attend if possible. You can
also contact me directly : / 7738023147. Until then this discussion group is the virtual HQ of the Asylum Aerospace.


Sure Roy. You can always be a part of the group and help us over virtual platforms. This discussion forum is one. As told to Sivaram we are currently working on the backend of the organization and once ready we’ll hold a physical meet. You can always skype in.