The Asylum Aerospace


Okay. I guess the name says it all. But still I’ll elaborate.
Simply put an organization of young Engineers united by their passion for Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering working on projects like Drones, Rovers, Monoplanes and Rockets.
Essentially the NASA of young space-geeks.
I know… getting a bit too ahead of myself, right? Well it ain’t a sin to dream big.
This organization will be headquartered at the Maker’s Asylum - Mumbai.


The Asylum Aerospace shall take up projects that range from Rovers to Monoplanes and work like a full fledged space organization. All projects shall be properly studied and appropriate documentation shall be created. Division of the work shall be decided by the Asylum Aerospace Board of Directors and the same shall be conveyed to the Faction Leaders. Each Faction represents a task. Factions are a group of Aerospace Engineers working on the same task. A simple structure was chosen keeping in mind the fact that majority members will be student engineers with multiple commitments like internships and college work to handle and shall already have minimal time which as the Chief of Aerospace Operations, I shall wish that they invest in project work rather than wasting time on hierarchy and hi-fi posts.


When do we start building ? :slight_smile:
There are a lot of SAE AERODESIGN participants in Mumbai.


Thanks for showing interest Nikhil. First we’ll hold a wherein I’ll present the intent, structure and working of the organization.
Currently, my main intention is to get a group of interested individuals under the same roof.
However I must make it very clear at this point itself that The Asylum Aerospace is an organization not a build group. Therefore there can not be any complacency in the approach of any member. You will be working in a full fledged aerospace organization (or at least the best that current resources can afford).
Hence it’s not about just building it’s about being part of a team displaying consistency and discipline in one’s actions.

Currently the priority as I said is to bring together a team of student engineers that are ready to join such an organization.

If you have anyone particular in mind please feel free to post his/her details on the group.


How do I join the team?


Hi Amol. Thanks for showing interest. At Maker’s Asylum and especially at The Asylum Aerospace which is being designed by me to be India’s Largest and only student aerospace organization we have only 3 qualifications required to be a part of the team - a) Hardwork b) Sincerity and c) Passion. That’s it.

We are currently in the process of building a team and a meetup shall be conducted at the Asylum to introduce the concept to all Maker’s.

Our first project is going to be building a rover- we shall be re-engineering NASA’s Sojourner- the first rover deployed on Mars.

Yeah that’s a cool and ambitious way to start. :slight_smile:

So yeah looking forward to meet you at the meetup.

About myself:
Aditya Pappu.
Chief of Operations.
The Asylum Aerospace
Mob. No: 7738023147
Email-id :

And yeah…no resumes required. :smile:


Hey Amol got your mail with your bio.

It’s really awesome Amol.
A lot of stuff in aerospace (trajectories and azimuths) have to with core Physics - Linear rotational kinematics and dynamics of forces. your guidance shall be extremely important for the organization.

We are currently targeting the month end for the meetup.

We are still trying to gather people.

One way you can help of course if you can find more people preferably students and youngsters with a similar passion (no knowledge base required) but from scientific or engineering backgrounds that would be great.

The sooner a substantial team can be built the sooner we can rocket off to Mars. :slight_smile:

Again thanks for joining the team and having faith in us.


Thought I should share this TEDX video.

enter link description here

“Have confidence in your capability without giving your gender much thought. Be focussed on your goal and work with complete dedication."

Ritu Karidhal is a proud contributor to The Mars Orbiter Mission launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation. Leading the team behind the success of ‘Mangalyaan’, Ritu has been involved in a lot of revolutionary space operations with ISRO. A proficient alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, she completed her Masters in Aerospace Engineering with a clear aim of working towards a change. She comes from a middle class family , in Lucknow, where the major importance has always been given to the education . She always had the fascination about space , an urge to do something different from a normal trend . Collecting news articles related to any space activities by ISRO or NASA was one of her hobbies.The dream of joining the space agency came true in 1997,November .She has worked for many prestigious missions of ISRO , handled responsible position of Operations Director for many missions.


Link to video :


There’s a group trying to do Rocketry at the Asylum. Maybe you ought to join forces and team up.
Talk to Sachin Maheshwari.


I know. I’m a part of it. That’s actually the reason we aren’t starting with rocketry. Our intention is to start with rovers. We are currently researching on NASA’s Sojourner and planning to recreate it. We will need your help and guidance of course.

But at the same time I would encourage all the members of the Asylum Aerospace to be a part of the Rocketry meetup series. Only one Meetup has happened where a basic introduction about the parts of a rocket and their respective functions was explained and the great thing is the person conducting the build group is starting from scratch. That’s really important for total newbies like me .:slight_smile:


hi, can you repair a drone? please reply


Depends on what giving the problem. Electronics part then yes. Mechanical then possibly no. But you will easily find a lot of people at the Maker’s Asylum to fix it. I believe if I’m not wrong there is even an IIT-B startup dealing in drones that works at the Asylum.


Meetup Notification.

The first meetup for the Asylum Aerospace shall be held this Sunday (tomorrow) - 5th June 2016.

Get introduced to all the members of the Asylum Aerospace.
Start discussing our prospective first project - CubeSAT.

@Anool How does CubeSAT sound as a starting off point. It’s open source and there’s a lot of information on the CubeSat forum.

Or should we start with something like drones?


A CubeSat would be awesome, but I’d say start off with something you can manage. CubeSat would be a pretty long term project. You could do Drones sure, but also Rockets.

Take a look at the PocketCubes - smaller versions of the CubeSats.

Lots of useful links here :

And then there’s “ChipSats” - credit card sized satellites :


check this out :

Space entrepreneur: Why build apps when you can make satellites?


Will do @Anool :

What I’m going to do is shelf the CubeSat for now and ask the Asylum aerospace members to make a list of projects that they want to do. Then we’ll start off with the easiest with list . Mostly we’ll start of with building a small drone and slowly and steadily step it up from there. You’re right Anool I was stepping the gun.

If we as a very young team take up a project as long term and sophisticated as CubeSAT the project may drag so much that we might get demotivated and lose our passion for the subject.

So as Rocky Balboa and Anool said -

“One punch, one round, one shot at a time.”


Don’t worry Aerospace guys we will eventually do CubeSATs I promise you that but let’s strengthen our aerospace fundamentals first by doing easier projects and tackle the Goliath when we’ve ready.


Meetup Announcement

Tomorrow 10am at the Maker’s Asylum.

The agenda is simple :

Get introduced to everyone.
Second make a list of projects everyone wants to do and start with the easiest.


All those are coming please message a confirmation to me.

My details :
Aditya Pappu.
Chief of Operations. (something I’m going to have to work very hard to earn. :smile:)
The Asylum Aerospace
Mob. No: 7738023147
Email-id :


@Anool : Can you suggest a specific drone project that you think is a fit option as our first project?