Smart-Cooking-Gas-Knob with timer knob. #SaveGas #retrofitted


Hey guys.
I have an idea for an open project to build a Smart GasKnob that retrofits to most existing cooking gas.
The objective is to save gas by turning it off at the right time.

Why smart Gas Knob?
Well, most of the household cooking waste a lot of gas with sheer carelessness. Induction cooking is still far from adoption in India. What if one could heat water for 10mins and turn off automatically? Boil egg, 5min in high flame and 10mins low flame then off. Gajar ka halwa cook in low flame for 1:15mins and turn off at the right time? No more overcooked food.

A smart Gas knob would take care of all this, will save gas and convenience of course.

Project objective priority. ( To be achieved sequentially )

  1. Retrofit design with a timer. ( Mechanical / Electronic servo controlled )
  2. Turn off function
  3. Compact and compatible with most gas stove.
  4. Control low - high flame with a timer.
  5. Affordable version for rural India.
  6. Record data of usage ( X mins of High flame, Y Mins of Low flame per hr/day/month.
  7. WiFi controlled.


  1. Retrofit knob designed such that it can be used as a regular knob.
  2. Compact enough to house a servo
  3. Coil spring and electronic unlock vs servo to rotate the knob?
  4. Fitting electronics
  5. Power
  6. Installable by 10yrs old
  7. Making it affordable


Interesting, but very tricky to meet all the objectives. Check out this audio alarm/feedback based system that is easier to implement (the HW is super-simple). The design can then be modified to implement the Smart Knob.


Oh yes, the audio alarm based system is smart and sweet. Really good to get started, would really help a lot of folks. Is that really difficult to build?


Pretty straight forward. The one change I’d make is provide for external battery connection (since the small coin cells are expensive/rare). Maybe design for CR2032 size (easier/cheaper to get those batteries). Or connect external battery source.