Smart Cities (S.T.E.A.M. School)


Smart City & Communities:
Mobility and Lighting
Urban transport systems and the movement of large masses of pedestrians are growing at the same pace at which cities are expanding in India. This leads to more traffic congestion, safety issues, waste of commuter time and valuable fuel, not to mention the environmental impact. City lighting in India has traditionally not been designed, operated or maintained very efficiently. As a result, the non-renewable energy consumption for city street lighting in India is very high. Efficient lighting technology was not a viable option in the past because it had to be imported and was expensive, but new energy efficient lighting equipment and good controls are now available on the Indian market.
The challenges:
(a) Green, energy efficient lighting system that can be used by a large part of the population?
(b) Can something be done to reduce the need for large numbers of people to commute at the same time, thereby reducing traffic related issues?