Science & Art Project : « I see what you say » / France-India collaboration


October 17th is the international day for the eradication of poverty. This year’s theme is culture. The project « I see what you say » aims at mixing artistic and scientific cultures in an object that make records from people living in difficult conditions beautiful. This object is about the very act of listening, first step toward cultural sharing and change on prejudices on poverty.

The core of the project is on the transformation of read records into beautiful pictures through wavelet transformation and drip printer as shown below :


Here are the list people involved into the project in Lyon, France :

  • Martial Demaretz (ATD Fourth World)
  • Jeanne Duranton (Volunteer)
  • Odile Monseu (Volunteer)
  • Nicolas Monseu (Démostalie)
  • Mahdi Naïm (Designer)
  • Elodie and Yves Petit (Permanent volunteers at ATD Fourth World)
  • Marius (drawing live model for too long !)

From left to right : Elodie, Julien, Odile, Martial, Jeanne

Next time, you’ll know Mahdi and Marius !


@vaibhav, @adityapappu, Let’s get deeper into the project with some biblio/webography :

  • On the artistic side, there are two interesting things : the french artist Gilles Azzaro that transforms 3D Print into vocal speech : Gilles Azzaro’s works (easy to find on internet). I am pretty sure that the 3D Print is a Wavelet-like pattern. The other artist is Ilya Kabakov whose the 1989’s work, called the ship, aggregates genuine letters from people living in one building before Perestroïka in Russia : The Kabakov’s Ship (see the
  • On the technical side, the best way for transforming vocal speech into picture with relief is the wavelet transformation : Wavelets for dummies. The essential quality of wavelets is conserving what make the vocal speech unique. Technically, arduino-like electronics have already been used for vocal recognition and can be re-used for this project I think : Arduino & Wavelets

I’ll be glad to exchange with you on this whole information !


Will have to read up on all this. Have worked briefly on the wavelet transform concept during my Undergraduation in Electronics Engg. Will read all the content that you stated in your post.


@vaibhav @adityapappu As promised, a new photograph with Mahdi (the tallest guy) : designer working with makers sometimes will help in designing the ear-like microphone and the drip printer. The other man is Marius, a drawing life model for too long, very attentive during our meetings ! The three women are Odile, Elodie (permanent volunteer at ATD Fourth World) and Jeanne.


@Substance_D @vaibhav I’ve found another reference to the real-time wavelet transformation of sound done with raspberry-like device :
It is not free. If you think it’s relevant for the project : Vaibhav, Could French Embassy be interested in taking in charge the article ? If not, I’ll buy it for Lyon & Mumbai !


@vaibhav Two months exactly before the Big Day of the presentation of “I see what you say” ! To celebrate it, I propose a nice picture to complete the microphone designed by @Substance_D
It’s a nice way to illustrate the act of listening with both ear-like microphone and cochlea-like support. If you’re interested, I have the STL file to print this. Anyone interested in conceiving the whole object with an output toward the drip printer ? I will ask the same thing to my french fellows to progress together ! News on the last meetings in Lyon coming next with great discussion on the link between art and solidarity.


@adityapappu As promised, here is the link to see how the project mixing sound and pictures for the 17th October progresses : 2nd Report of the project. I’ll be glad to answer questions, remarks or ideas, even for the different teams described into the document !


Hello Julien!

I am an Electronics engineer/Product designer based in Mumbai, India. The project sounds exciting!
Is there any way I could be of help in this collaborative project?


Hello Shreyas !

Sure, you’re welcome to the project with your skills and your creativity ! Soon, i’ll post the third step of the project here in Lyon. In Mumbai, you can contact Akash Sharma (@Substance_D). He organizes a meet-up next saturday for the project ! Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions.


Thanks Julien! Could you PM me his number, I will send him a message for the meetup.


@Shreyas_Prakash Big news ! Proof of concept of transformation of vocal signal in image in relief with simple softwares ! Soon, ready for the first exhibition on the main public library in Lyon for the next 15th of October ! More details in the report here : 3rd report for Seeyousay