Safe Use of Tools


Lets put down interesting things we learn about safe ways of using tools here.


This video teaches you everything about safe use of hand and power tools.


1)Circular saw safety training video

  1. Table Saw safety training video


The five rules that can save ten fingers (and the rest of you):

  1. Using the tool is just 5% of the work and 95% of the reason to hurt yourself.

  2. Many times we end up allowing impatience to take over, Safety always comes first.

  3. Take your time when working with a tool. Also allow others to take time, Don’t hurry them up. To sum it up, Live and let live.

  4. Every material is unique, The behaviour of the tool changes with the material, so should yours.

and most importantly,

  1. Mistakes happen. Use all the safety precautions you can to make sure you live to make another mistake.

Happy Making!