Quality Education (S.T.E.A.M. School)


Quality Education:
Experiential Technologies, Gamification
At least half of all Indian children aged six to 14 – about 100 million – are at least two to three years behind their expected math and language reading & comprehension skills. This is not based on low IQ level but rather from a poor start to learning due to the low level teaching methods and lack of engagement . A cycle of slow learning then plays out: weak foundation, especially in language comprehension, keeps them from understanding their teachers and they fall further back.
The challenges:
(a) Devise a tool that aids language comprehension. Can we reimagine ‘traditional textbooks’, one that is responsive? Must be able to be scaleable
(b) Teaching aids for math and science - with a kaleidoscope or a bioscope or something similar


like the tool which responds when asked a doubt by a student yes it can be done by using rbotics