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KiCad is an Open Source EDA package (Electronic Design Automation). More information on it’s features can be found at this link :

It is available for all platforms - Linux, Mac, Windows and can be downloaded from this link :

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A lot of useful resources are available from the HELP section on the KiCad website :


I uninstalled Kicad and reinstalled however the still I have the same issue. When I try to close any windows of Kicad, they don’t close, I have to close the entire Kicad software and restart.

OS: Mac 10.10.5
Kicad version: 4.0.2

Anyone facing the same issue?


See if any of the links on the page linked below help :

your behaviour is reported here [] but not yet solved.


I am on that page now, so you see its not the mac’s fault!

I <3 my mac! :’(

P.S: I dont have python libraries which collide with Kicad installed, so even thats not the issue!

P.P.S: The mac issue was solved today! :dancer:

A friend helped me to the clean install of wxwidgets, remove all the possible versions of Kicad from my system and then reinstall Kicad from the stable nightlybuild via the command line. It was super tedious, took 2 hours to install but finally, the issue was solved! :dancer:


Kicad learning resources

Downloadable PDF - Super resource for everybody who wanna learn Kicad -

Online Free Videos - Chris Gammell has made his Kicad videos free and are available in here -


Very useful resource “Electronics Design Checklist”


[Lachlan] has written a comprehensive set of Eagle to KiCad
ULP scripts to convert schematics, symbols and footprints. Board
conversion is still done using KiCad’s built in converter, since it
works quite well.


KiCad Utilities Generate Parts; Track Costs


StickerBOM for KiCad


KiCAD BOM Management


KiCad Script Hack for Better Mechanical CAD Export