Maker Auto Rickshaw


They could have gone for a better colour combination for the rickshaw!!


Hello @Coby_Ketner_Unger I have an engineering background in Mechanical and have been teaching since last 9 months. I would like to be a part of this project. How about making a small android based game for this project to promote it more?


Sounds cool to me @amol0509. Send me an email and we can talk about the best way to get involved. (



Have you folks considered using a Maruti OMNI van. I’ve seen it being used for a lot of light Cargo duty - Couriers, Parcels, School Bus, Delivery Van etc.
It’s got loads of boot space. Get rid of all seats except the Driver’s, and you have a lot of area to play with, without having to modify the vehicle (important from RTO issues).
The two side doors slide out, making it better than either swing doors or gull-wing doors.
And the rear boot opens up too, like a gull-wing sort of way.
Old one’s could probably be available for cheap.

If we know people who can reach out to Maruti and get them to sponsor a Van, that would be killer.


Although, using a Van moves away from the " Maker Auto" concept. But if that is not set in stone, we can re-christen it as a Maker Mobile (lie the Bat Mobile)


Who wants to look into the technology of turning plastic into diesel? I think it would be cool to run the auto off of bottles and trash.


Maker Auto Badges !

Should be here by the end of the month (hopefully).


Maker Auto blinky badge boards received. With ugly ETOK mark on the front despite instructing them and providing space on the bottom layer.


Interesting concept. If you need any help regarding designing i will be happy to help. I am an professional automotive designer. you can contact me on