Maker Auto Rickshaw


Since we have haven’t finalised yet, I would like to recommend an alternative engine. Instead of going the royal Enfield way, we cud go for a ktm engine. Its super light, makes more power, makes the similar sound as a tuk tuk. Just a thought :slightly_smiling:


They are good friends. We can talk to them when the time is right.


We are definitely open to suggestions. Would it be as easy to swap in? How is the temperature? Does it run cooler then an Enfield?


Oh good! I reached out to them already.


It is liquid cooled so cooling is not an issue at all. It’s a lot lighter, runs cooler, more reliable. The swap would be just as easy as an Enfield swap.


Sounds good to me Nikhil. Lets see what the others think. Where can we source a KTM engine?


Kurla. Consider a waiting period of about 3 weeks. The guy’s name is shoaib. He’ll give us an accident bike and we can use the engine.


Whatever you guys do, make sure you go one up on Colin Furze’s Bajaj RE on Steroids.


Hey @Ishwarya_Nair You should check this out. Maybe we can join both the projects. @Coby_Ketner_Unger


Hey @Coby_Ketner_Unger I’d love to get involved in this project. I don’t have an engineering background but I’m definitely willing to learn. I’m based in Brisbane and would love to take your idea here too. I’m not sure if you checked out my post but I’m looking into building a low-cost solar powered auto so if we could incorporate that here, it would be great.


Hey this is Jitesh here! I have worked with an Enfield Engine before and ii think 600CC will be more than what will be required. Nikhil’s suggestion of the KTM engine is great: it is lighter and faster. But Nikhil are you absolutely sure about sourcing the engine? we tried the same for our college prooject and KTM engines are tough to find!! Enfields are relatively easier to find.


Send me an email, and we can chat.


I am hoping we can get a KTM engine, but if not we will find something else.


Came across this today, and though it may be of interest to you folks.

Solar-powered auto rickshaws launched in Bengaluru


Royal Enfield 500cc liquid cooled 4 strock Engine is best choise for this project. but i have one other option for this…that is 624 cc gasoline engine (used in Tata Nano).


Nice idea. Do you think the Nano engine will be easier to find than an Enfield or KTM engine?


Royal Enfield will be easier to find


REengines are gonna have heating issues. They’re air cooled engines. Not a lot of that in a rickshaw engine bay.
Anything beyond 30bhp is gonna be an overkill for 3 wheels. Unless we wanna make it look funky.
Still havent checked the legal issue with an engine swap on a road vehicle
Solar rickshaw could be a fun project.

200cc is gonna work just fine. We won’t need a 390.

I don’t think RE ever made any liquid cooled engine.


i knw bt in herezz so many sellers whozz sell modified RE engine…
Bt we can buy a 250-350 cc engine & sum other onli9 store…


I totally agree with the cooling issue with RE engines! Have experienced them first hand! The only concern i had with the KTM engine is the sourcing! and i think the Nano engine would be more than what we need.