Maker Auto Rickshaw


Starting in May, a small team will be building a mobile version of the Maker’s Asylum. We will be converting an auto rickshaw into a mobile maker workshop in order to better collaborate with people, groups, and organizations outside of the Maker’s Asylum community. The aim is to promote making and building though out the city.

In the time leading up to the project kickoff, we will be doing some planning, raising funds and building a team.

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contribute to the conversation below. All ideas are welcome.


Want to join the team?:

If you are interested in joining team, please let me know. We are looking for people with teaching experience. The Auto will be used as a platform for teaching classes about making and doing things.

It would also be great to have some gender diversity, so if you are a badass girl, and want to help out, let me know.


Crowd Funding Prizes:

We are starting a crowd funding campaign soon. Bellow I have attached a draft of the prize list for the project. Keep in mind, these are rewards for a donation, and do not represent an accurate purchase price for a comparable product.

We are a bit concerned about shipping prizes outside the country, so if you have experience with export taxes, please let me know.

Also if you have any ideas for other prizes, I am open to suggestions.

(Pics in a later comment)

Ringtone $3 (₹180)
Do you love the sound of autos as much as we do? We have a collection of three auto rickshaw ring tones that you can have for $3 each.

Patch and Stickers $10 (₹600)
Who doesn’t like patches and stickers? Get a branded leather patch and a pack of Maker Auto sticker.

Tool Belt $40 (₹2400)
If you love making things, you need to keep your tool close at hand. For a donation of $40 you can have your own Maker Auto branded leather tool belt.

Jumpsuit $100 (₹6000)
Ok, so you really like projects that get you messy. But you don’t like it when your regular clothiers are all dirty. Have you ever tried wearing a jump suit? You should try it. For a donation of $100, we’ll send you an embroidered jumpsuit with your name on it and a big Maker Auto logo.

Disco Tool $300 (₹18000)
Do you like parties? Sorry, that’s a silly question; everyone likes parties. If you like parties, and you like tools, maybe you need a disco ball shaped like a hammer, a wrench, or a pair of pliers.

Sponsor the Project $1500 (₹90000)
Show your support in a really big way. Being a sponsor means that your name, or the name of your company will be prominently displayed on the Auto it’s self and on our media presence. We’ll also give you a tour around the city in the Auto if you are in the area and show you all of our favorite spots.






post a picture of your design till now. and then lets add all the people who are interested in this project here.


Here is a rendering of what we think the Auto might look like. The red boxes will be filled with all sorts of cool tools for building things. It might even have a touch screen and a 3D printer in the back.



In my opinion, we should not charge for stickers and ringtone, for rest of the items surely we can.

Regarding the design part I think there should be two compartments at least, one for power tools and other for keeping electronic stuff which I guess will not take much of the space.

and about taking this idea to the people, we can conduct workshops in schools and colleges and also for the underprivileged children who can not afford to these workshops creating the social impact !


Spot on Sumit,
I am so glad we have you on this team. You are totally right, the ring tones and can be free. Your thoughts on the design and the workshops, are also totally correct.


Wow! What an awesome Idea! Please let me know if I can do anything.

PS: I am an Electronics Engineering Student.


I’d love to be a part of this. Mechanical engineering student. 3rd year.

Is there a specific reason why we chose a rickshaw? Getting a mini pick up (eg ape, tata ace) would provide ample space for the tools. Also, since they have a bed, we could build the side panels to fall down (hinged at the bottom) which would become a makeshift workbench. Be easier to just sit around the truck n make stuff instead of looking for places around


YES! We will totally be needing electrical help. Send me an email and we can chat about how you can be involved.


We chose a rickshaw mostly for the iconic design, but I think your comments on the mini pickup are good. We should definitely keep work surfaces in mind when designing the details.
Happy to have your input on this project.


I’m not an expert, but just be aware that modifying a vehicle MAY require recertification from the RTO. Keep that in mind when working on the design.


Thanks for the tip Anool. We will look into that.


Here is the only info on an engine swap in an auto I have been able to find. What do you think? 600CC seems really excessive. I bet 350 would be more than enough.


Here’s the FB page.


You guys!!
Look at what I found. They are based in Mumbai. Who’s up for a partnership?