Lithopane Lightbox


It’s still work in progress, but this is where it is at now.

LED is a 1W china make with a carrier PCB (Aluminum base), running off x2 of AA batteries.


  • Add cavities for the 2 batteries in the box itself. Preferably at the back so easier to change.
  • Add a Tilt switch so LED switches off when box is laid flat.


This is too cool Anool.

How big is the box? and what would be the amount of material taken up by the box. Trying to get a rough estimate of material cost.


@Viren , roughly 80mm x 80mm x 35mm. I’ll put up the design on Github soon.

Meanwhile, the Tilt switch experiment is a partial success (or failure, depending on how you see it). The LED lights up when the box is upright and goes off when laid flat, but the electrical contact is tenuous. Sometimes the LED flickers, at others it doesn’t turn on unless the box is shaken. I’ll probably add some ribs on the insides to “guide” the ball to fall in place.