Lets create a new mobile phone


I have an idea for a new mobile phone set. The idea is born out of a real life insight and has positive implications on the way we interact with mobile phone and Internet (connectivity). I need to know whether Maker’s Asylum will be able to help me out in creating one. I am not from an engineering or software background, so specifically will need help in product designing, hardware and software engineering. Details about “what and how of the concept” will be shared once I get the response. If need be I can even come down to your office. You guys are doing awesome. – Fritz Gonsalves


hey fritz,
The sounds great and I am interested in working on the same. Would like to contribute on the project.
I have experience in electronic hardware designing and embedded software.
Let me know if we can develop something.


Hi Fritz,
What’s your background?
You said you need help with Design, HW and SW. So, besides the idea, what are you bringing on to the project? Because it helps of you have at least a working knowledge of SOME parts that go into making a product from scratch.

Try working with what is available and see if you can modify it. For example, you can start with the low cost RePhone project from seeed studio, and build your device/phone/app on top of it.