Laser Harp 2.0 Help needed


Hi All,

I wanted help to fix the Laser Harp. Here is a link to the instructable that I posted a while ago. I have done some changes to this to remove the raspberry pi and use VMPK on a laptop.

The way this project is setup right now is the Tah(leonardo) in the Harp generates a keystroke when the laser beam is interrupted and then I use a VMPK on the laptop to produce the sound.

Things ToDo

  1. Better placement of the lasers - (top part of the harp)Physical Setup Side
  2. wiring the LDRs better and make a more sturdy structure
  3. May replace the Tah with a edison Hereenter link description here is a great tutorial of some one else using it. So the suggestion otherwise we can use anything that can make the harp more autonomous
  4. Place the speakers inside and make holes for sound to come out.

These are just a few things that I had on my mind. If you have any more suggestions like adding a smoke machine :wink: in there feel free to do so




I guess someone from the steam school fixed it. thanks guys it was fun to see the video