It's a project that i want to make it on a big scale


Okay so hy guys wassup
My name is shubham i m 18 years old.when i was 15 years old, I worked on RASPBERRY PI2 and ARDUINO UNO R3 and ARDUINO NANO boards i have made one cnc machine on my own and one robot.
The robot that i made was on a small scale i want to make it on a large scale.
I used some acrylic sheet joined them to geather put a gap in between them i put my pi in there programed it using the language python and then i used a gyro sensor MPU6050 on the top of it.
I used the sensor information(PID) to control the motors so it basicaly is on two wheels it balances itself. So i want to make that on a big scale like using the same mechanism amd program to put it in a vehical and use a remote to control it if u guys can help then please reply me over Whatsapp (9478284707) i have a whole lot of ideas that can may be contribute to change the world!.. I’ll be waiting for the reply!..


i wanna join i love robotics too so let me join