How to setup a makerspace?

Hey guys, Ill keep posting things that I learn about setting up a makerspace. If you have any questions, keep posting them here.

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i wish to setup a Makers Space dedicated to KIDS. i have been for years inspired by tinkering school. where do i begin?
what if i personally do not have lots of hand’s on experience beyond scissors and kitchen tools… can i yet lead this project?

Meghna can answer this question better, I have shared the link with her.
For kids, I would start by create a comfortable space, that they can easily be at, without any restrictions. There should be no locked spaces, allow them to explore.
Equipment wise, keep it as basic as possible, hand tools, electronics lab, maybe a small 3d printer(cube or makerbot) and basic power tools(drill machine)

It would be hard to lead the project if you dont have too much experience, but as long as someone is there to answer their questions and show them how to use the tools to make their projects it should work. You can find some mentors that would help.

It was nice talking with Vaibhav today on a Makerspace I’m setting up in Bengaluru [here is some context on that]. We discussed on the issues faced by makerspaces. I documented learnings from that call as well as visiting the top makerspaaces around the world. Here is the blog post on that:

Let me know if I missed anything there.

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Vaibhav, i want to setup a makerspace in Bhubanesawar, Odisha. I am aware of most of the tools used in makerspaces i.e. 3d printting, cnc milling, laser cutter and other hardware tools but never got the chance to use. So before opening a makerspace, i want to learn about these tools, and most importantly, the planning and challenges for setting up a makerspace in India.

So is it possible to introduce a kind of short training program regarding the above?

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Hi @Be_Rajesh that sounds like a great idea.
Can you list down more questions that you would like answered in it. I can start working on a presentation

Hey, This is my first post here - and I had a few questions:

  • is this presentation available to see?
  • how much does it cost to setup some of these equipments, eg. laser engraving and cutting machine and a 3d printer?
  • where can we source right equipments and know the right configuration for these equipments?
  • it is cost friendly to buy them or just consume services from existing maker spaces in town?

Maybe, I am just curious at the moment and planning to start saving before I can execute anything.

Reply would be appreciated.