Healthcare (S.T.E.A.M. School)


Health Care & Wellness:
Prosthetics & Assistive Devices
Conservative estimates say that at least 5.5 million people in India have locomotor disabilities, a large number of these are from economically weaker sections without access to specialised hospitals/centres or ‘cutting edge’ prosthetics and assistive devices that are largely unaffordable.

The challenges:
(a) Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and IoT for prosthetics and assistive devices
(b) If Cane can work what other natural materials can? Make it ‘smart’


How about an All-In-One device based on voice recognition, eye blink detection, etc., to do different daily activities like conveying something by a dumb person or using voice recognition to do things for a person who is physically disabled. The hardware required can be 3D printed to make them cost effective in bulk. Can discuss this in detail when the whole team meets.


Hello everyone. Glad I could be all of you on this project.