Engineer's Task Force (E.T.F.) : Bringing solar energy to the Makerspace


So what is the Engineer’s Task Force?
Simply put we are a bunch of Engineers who wish to use all the knowledge we possess , however limited it may be to solve real-world social and natural problems that affect communities across the world.
Can Engineering solve problems like famine , floods and earthquakes?
Can engineering be the answer to the helpless cries of millions?
Maybe. Maybe not.
But as an Engineer myself I can only say what I tell myself whenever doubts creep into my mind reagarding whether I should do a new project or not, whether I sould try a new coding language or not : Well, It wouldn’t hurt to try. :slight_smile:

Our statement of purpose is simple:
Engineering was meant to be more than a tool for building phones and apps. It was meant to solve some of the most dangerous and challenging problems that humanity faces today. That’s what we do at E.T.F.

Simply put there is Engineering that fulfills your wants and Engineering that fulfills your needs.
There is Engineering that builds mobile phones and then there is Engineering that saves peoples lives.
Members of E.T.F. fight in the latter domain.

Our first project is to bring solar energy to the Maker’s Asylum. Can we solarize the place? Can we make the Asylum dependent on green technology? Those are the questions that we shall strive to answer.

So are you interested in working with us? Want to use your Engineering skills to direclty impact lives?

Well then you are welcome to join us and work with us on our first project : Solarizing the makerspace.

If interested do post here or contact me.
Aditya Pappu



Im final year mechanical engineering student .I wanna work with your team ,I’m interested in solar energy .


Hey!!! I am a Mechanical engineer and would love to contribute to this project of making the asylum a green environment . I have been there and know that the asylum building has a great terrace we could make use of it for setting up solar panels it would help reduce the asylums electricity bills :sweat_smile: but also make an environment friendly space to work in. Let me know if any help is required.


What you said about what engineers are meant to do is absolutely true. It is about solving a problem rather than just doing commercial things