Electric Motorcycle Project


HIYA … HAAO … Wassup Makers!

We are a team which is bound together by our passion; we have come together to build an electric motorcycle as we believe that it is an inevitable step for the India automotive industry in terms of its impact on the oil pool, the geo-political benefits, the impact on climate control, the cost and performance benefits to the end user, etc.

We are looking for help from all kinds of Makers, makers who can build electronics stuff, makers who can build mechanical stuff and makers who are more scientists than makers (no offence intended). To put it very seriously we are looking for power electronics experts who can build motor controller, battery management systems, and a hell lot of other cool gadgets. We are also looking for makers who have a background in mechanical and manufacturing (or have substantial experience in student racing via Formula Student, Baja, etc.) and can run simulations to accurately predict systems before building and integrating. These guys probably know tools like Ansys like the back of their hand. So if you are passionate about motorcycle, automotive technology, batteries, motors or any of the areas we are working on just give us a holler and we are happy to work out with you in all kinds of different formats.

Here’s a picture of our latest prototype - access and usage of the electric motorcycle is free for all the contributors. Help us make this product better.


Hi. Any help u need with the mechanicals, let me know. Happy to help


Hey thanks already for helping setup our rear fork.
We are looking to do some simulations for understand the power requirements of the vehicle in different driving conditions, if you have skills in simulations using MATLAB etc that would be great.
Also, we are building a battery pack and facing some challenges in the thermal management of the battery pack so looking for help over there.


Hey Nishant, is that a Spartan jacket you’re wearing in your display pic? :slight_smile:


Hi @Nishant_Ranjan,

Your project sounds interesting. Would love to understand your developments and see if I can contribute towards it.

Feel free to PM for further conversation.


@Adreesh_GHoshal, you have a hawk eye to spot that, looks like you are into riding motorcycles


Hi Akshay, I cannot figure out a way to PM on this platform. Do you drop into Asylum very often, maybe we can meet at Asylum and have a chat. Also you can call me at 9819852428 or share your number and I will call you back.


Oh of course, I love bikes! I ride every weekend and wish that one day I get paid to ride. hehe


I hear you … loud and clear. I’m hoping to get paid by making them.
What do you do Adreesh?


HAAHHAHA… I am a content writer for a digital advertising agency. What about you? are you on Facebook? Here’s me - https://www.facebook.com/adreesh.ghoshal
Let’s connect, what say?


Done dude, we are now on FB


Interesting concept. If you need any help regarding designing i will be happy to help. I am an professional automotive designer. you can contact me on jinen.sheth@gmail.com


Project sounds interesting and fun. I have worked with Batteries and safety systems of the same. I have some knowledge about motor driver working, but never designed my own motor driver.
Drop me message on 9585437874 if there is anything I can help you guys with.


Hi guys , it really seems like a cool idea ,I am into power electronics and design of SMPS I would like to help .



Hi Makers’,

Great product! A little late in the day, is it still in “manufacture” or completed off?

Curious: what’s the source of energy aka battery?

Thanks for your response/inputs


i think 4 wheel electric mini car for 2 passanger would be good idea .it would be stable and can have more travel range as required by people