Dolly rig for 360 video - help needed about motor & drive


I have made a 4WD robot to carry a payload of 15kgs in total. The platform supports a 360 degree rig at a height of 160cm. The camera is stabilised with a mechanical gimbal.

Currently, the mechanism is run by 4 x 12v 300rpm Johnson motors and Cytron smart drive dual motor driver with RC controller.

The whole setup works fine except on two of the motors, the shafts are off-axis, which make 2 wheels wobble. Wheels used in this project are 120mm offroad wheels used in RC trucks. The main aim of the entire setup is to provide a smooth, steady and stable movement. All of the above are achieved except for the smooth bit due to the wobble of the wheels.

I want to swap all 4 motors but before doing so I’d like to check which motor would make sense to use here-

After this issue I am also contemplating on attaching the wheel assembly to the motor shaft via a bearing and flexible coupling setup. Could someone advise me on which motor would be ideal and what drive system would be ideal to use here.

Thanks in advance.


Difficult to spot the problem since photos aren’t too clear. A Video would’ve helped. I’m guessing you are attaching the wheels directly to the motor shafts, and that could be the source of the wobble. You probably need to attach the wheels to shafts which are supported on bearing + block sets and couple the shaft to the motor via a flexible coupling.