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Its better idea, & some area`s in Germany n Russia use this technique, imagine we make a drone in large scale like goods Truck, which are able to reassemble at action area. This design is easy to move any where without knowing to other & also easy target to enemies secretly.


Thankyou for the knowledge,have u worked with a drone before


Weaponizing a Drone, while sounding exciting, brings a whole lot more challenges that are not encountered in regular ones.
People have tried putting guns on Drones earlier, but recoil is a big control challenge. Single payload drones may be better to start with. Cheap, disposable, and you don’t mind losing them if something goes wrong. Need’s a self-destruct feature for sure.
Arm it with a single stun or lethal grenade or a net gun.
Good luck if you proceed with this project.


not exactly, but wishing to work with it… :grinning:


Thanks for ur suggestion, u r right, this is a huge problem on reloading the coil, if we make drop down weapon like missiles or bombs. Or we need to design a weapon which is work in TESLA technique or working with sound energy…