Designing a Bag or Stand for Carrying on Bike



We are one new Startup based out of Hyderabad. Our StartUp name is BentoWagon, as part of this one we are having few special requirements to address a problem. We will pick the lunch box from house and drop it into the Schools and offices as like Mumbai Dabbawala. We will be giving bags to our customers and in those bags the customer will pack their lunch and handover it to our boys. Our boys carries these small bags on their bikes and deliver it to the customers. Here are few problems in carrying those bags

  1. Presently we are trying with delivery bag as like ECommerce companies. And these delivery bags are not convenient to carry these Bento Bags and we designed this locally with one tailor and boys are not convenient with these bags and not getting to the work.

  2. Even some times they get it, it is difficult to handle, so every time they need to exchange with other boy or hand over to the customer it is difficult for them to search in that big bag in the minimal time, some time mistakes are taking place due to this one.

  3. If they are not getting the delivery bags then they are hanging the Bento bags to the bike and they are getting teared off.

  4. All the Bento Bags are of the same size. So we can keep this in mind and can design a bag or stand which can be easily carried on bike.

So is there any possibility to design a delivery bag or a stand which can be comfortably carried on any bike? We are looking for something which comes in cheaper price because of nature of the business?


Even suggestions are appreciated


Just a thought. If we can have a stand inspired from the Egg trays that are carried on cycles it will automatically create shelves for the bags to be kept in upright way. As this would be made from hard fabric cloth it can be extended or folded as maybe required. Lemme know your views on this.

Or overambitious maybe depending on quantum, this can be like a stand that cylinder delivery guys used in recent past for carrying cylinders for delivery attached to cycles. And sinstead of spending on bikes which are not eco-friendly we can a motorised cycles which will help enahance the speed of cycle as compared to the regular ones