Customised Hydraulic Car with VR experience


Hey Guys

We wish to work on a project involving customised VR headset and in-car Robotics.

Essentially, we wish to fabricate a VR headset, so as to make it resemble a Racing Car Helmet. Need 2 versions- With Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

The VR experience will be brought alive when the User is seated in the car and drives through the Racing Track. The seat will be Hydraulics-controlled and will move/vibrate as the experience progresses. The car can be dismantled from within, so that it can be customised. Don’t worry about the graphics, we will be taking care of it.

Do let me know your thoughts and who all would be up for it!


How are you planing to make VR Headset communicate with the system controlling the Hydraulics?


Hi Sumanth

The Google Cardboard version will not have any hydraulics involved, as it will be outside the car.

For the Oculus version, the application flow will be pre-defined and will interact with Hydraulics. The VR headset and Hydraulics are independent of each other.