Championizer: Promoting educator's skill development through gamification : STEAMSchool 3.2017


Problem Statement
How can we get underprivileged communities to promote the importance of skill development and service education through gamification?

Elizabeth Adjei
Romain Gendreau
Varad Patil
Forum Shah
Kriti Joshi
Anne-Rose Belloin


Look at a Maker Passport to make sure that the skill acquisition is transferable and validated… Use systems like Mozilla’s Openbadge system to make the system universally accessible and open.

The Mozilla open badge works both towards the student as well as validates against the teacher, so you have a track record of the number of students and the skills and the feedback by the students… Often very neglected aspect of teaching as a volunteer!

We had a team at @HackBelgium 2017 work on this, if you want I can dig up their coordinates!