Carpentry hacks


This discussion topic is about carpentry hacks. Anything interesting you find out about carpentry or any interesting projects, please do share here.


I did my thesis in design school about tool storage. Here are two images from my research. The first one is of a clamp storage system in a shopping cart. Shopping carts are a great way to transport tools and are particularly convenient for clamps, because they can hang off the side.


Here is a good one for drill storage.


hard wood in its real form is as good as cutting into metal in certain directions of the grain. one of the easy ways I figured out around it was to dip the wood in water before starting to work on it. makes life a lot easier!


An interesting little trick we tend to use is instead of using varnish or staining agents, we use regular wax shoe polish. The advantage is that shoe polish comes in many different shades, is much cheaper than a good staining agent or varnish, and when applied to something like plywood, it helps even out the surface and the wax leaves a nice shiny surface.

This is of course no substitute to using varnish when working on serious projects. For quick prototypes, especially when the laser is part of the process, it helps lend polish (no pun intended) to a prototype at very little cost and effort.


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