Boom your knowledge


my ques is that how this kind of tech meet is beneficial for a mechanical student
although mech students are already into engines n automobile…
i am also a formula SAE member since feb 2014
(mechsonic racing)
coming directly to the topic,
is there any technical support(technical advisor) can be provided to my team so that we can work in efficient manner and improve ourself and stand out from the crowd.

thank you and regards


Hi Abhishek! For a student of mechanical engineering, meet ups such as these are a great way to pick up on new insights not to mention learn a ton of new things. Also if you’re really knowledgable about the topic like some members in the community, you could pass your knowledge on to others. It’s all about the exchange of ideas outside of a classroom setting.

As for mentorship, there’s enough and more people in the community with the right skills and experience to help you out with advice and guidance - both in terms of engineering and design.

Hope that helps.


Hi Abhishek,

Its nice to hear that you come from Formula SAE background and if you come here we can have a good discussion and knowledge sharing about vehicle dynamics. We can also discuss about fabrication stage.

I worked for Baja 2012,2013.