Biohacking Everything


Projects to tackle current world problems using concepts from synthetic biology and applied biotechnology.


is this the chosen alternative for the trello group?


Hey @palaksehgal can you update the post to include all the things that were discussed in the first Hackbiosys meetup and the action plan going forward. Plus also links to any references mentioned during the meetup. We can start using Discuss to document every meet-up going forward.


I’ll try to link trello with this.


@akshatkedia Can this page be used as an alternative for trello? If its as good, we can work with this. What say @palaksehgal? Also @akshatkedia how do I find the others on this page? :stuck_out_tongue: silly questions aur aayenge :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey Palak. Does it make sense keeping the conversation focussed here, rather than on Trello? This being a forum, it might be a better fit for the conversation, instead of comments on Trello.