Beyond Our vision


It is the field of imagination of what a normal person cannot think …it is the high end discussion on several projects which may include: Electronics,weaponry,space tech,grass root technology,and sustainable resource technology,etc.

Any one can share his/her ideas here which come under the following above branches of projects…

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The New topic of mine is to use He3 isotopes as a resource fuel of everything on planet but not by mining on moon but by releasing a satellite on space which may absorb the continuous He3 charge particle from sun to a small reactor core in satellite and the reaction will have fusion instead of fission and this may lead to a giant leap towards infinite resource energy in future…

the rocket may escape from earth gravity by a huge helium balloon and some rocket thrusters which helps in costing and saving of fuels…

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i have an idea which has to be understood if some one interested to interact n discuss my idea would appreciate.

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Curious thread. Hmmm…