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In the hundred and twenty something years since the first horseless carriages arrived, automotives have gone on to rewrite the course of human history. Very few technologies have gone on to have an influence as vast as that of automotive tech. Between the good and the bad, automotives and engines in general, have completely altered the fabric of our reality.

This category is intended to hold all conversation about engines and automotive tech in general. If you’ve ever had questions about camshafts and valve trains, post them here, and the community here will probably have an answer.

As we introduce more people to the wonders of internal combustion with the Automotive Tech meet ups at the Asylum, this community is going to get bigger and more exciting. So hang around, make some new friends, and let’s talk automotive tech.


What information do we get from Standard Diagnostic Port (On board) ? any idea in this context ? or how about connecting this to cellphone! :wink:


OBD port is the maintenance interface for all the electronics onboard, most of the things are communicated using visual lamp indicators in automobiles. What if they malfunction OBD helps in verifying it the information communicated is true or not. Its the best tool for monitoring if one has EFI engines. And about smart phone I’m not sure, its too much power for a common man to have.:sweat_smile: Anyway I think its possible if we could regulate the voltage.


Hi Makers’

Seems like a rather old thread, nevertheless couldn’t find anything more in alignment with what I am contemplating.

Considering introducing a piezo-sensor panel within vehicle tyres for a back up source of electricity. Can also add a solar panel on the roof of a vehicle or on a helmet. Any thoughts on:-

  1. The best method to amplify the piezo sensor’s output?
  2. Storage of electricity produced?
  3. Wireless system’s feasibility

Thanks in advance for your inputs!